Monday, August 9, 2010

Meeting Martha~ Part Two of "My NY Experience"

Glass Door Entering Offices
** Miss Part One "The Adventure Begins" of  "My NY Experience"? Check it out first then hit this post**

 Back at MS headquarters we go. We were one of the first guests to stand in line in the small lobby waiting for maybe 20 minutes and were then whisked away in small groups to go up an elevator. We were escorted to an office where we received our badges. Once we were "Tagged" we made our way through a maze of offices and cubicles in the magazine department.  Originally the party was to be held on the roof deck, but because of 30MPH winds they decided it was best to move the party indoors. While it was crowded and warm inside it was better then being sticky, hot and wind blown outside.
Wedding Displays
 As we made our way down the entry way to the party their were lovely displays from the Wedding department. Then Danielle turns to me and says "There she is!"...MARTHA! We were off to the party room full speed ahead. I was of course was star struck, having admired this woman and her empire for the last 15 years. Just as I expected, she was extremely polite and a perfect hostess. Martha announced that she was NOT taking photos with anyone, because she had very little time to be at the party as she had a prior engagement.

Playing Ping Pong along with Kevin Sharkey

Martha getting her Ping Pong game on

 While I was a little upset at first that I wouldn't be going home with a photo of Martha next to my side, I realized how lucky I was to be in the same room with her as she was not originally suppose to be there at all. I did get to take a few photos of her playing Ping Pong along with Kevin Sharkey before she gave a little speech. Martha shared her enthusiasm for blogging and how much she loves Twitter. She of course apologized for having to leave so soon in order to host a party for her Dentist that was planned months prior LOL.

Not only did I get to meet Martha, but the other amazing woman on her team that I truly admire SO much. I spoke with Hanna Milman the SVP Exec Editorial Director for Holidays & Crafts as well as Marcie McGoldrick who is also a Editorial Director for the Holidays & Crafts dept. I was so happy that I could thank Marcie in person for choosing to post my 4th of July display on their blog. I was absolutely stunned and honored when Marcie said that the crafts department loved it and how I created something so outside of the box. She said my marshmallow pops were her favorite. *Insert BIG smile here please*

Robin Marino & Pamela Smerker
I also met Robin Marino the President and CEO of Merchandising. Robin was an absolute joy to speak with and shared some fun new projects she is working on, including Martha Stewart party supplies...Hey can I get in on that??

 While I didn't get to have my photo taken with Martha I did get to have my picture snapped with Martha's daughter, Alexis as well as Jennifer who co host "Whatever With Alexis Jennifer". Both of these ladies were a sheer delight.

A huge highlight for me was  not only walking up to these fabulous woman and talking with them, but that a few of the talented Online Editors from Martha Stewart came up and introduced themselves to me already knowing who I was. *UM yeah insert shocked face here* Tiffany Sun was one of these editors, who I chatted with for a while and it was so nice to finally meet who I was actually writing to on Twitter all this time. I also met Vanessa Holden the SVP, Editor in Chief for Martha Stewart Living. Such an amazing woman and so approachable.

Oreo "Cake" created by Kevin Sharkey

So back to the displays. There were beautiful displays from the Wedding department like I said earlier. There was this brilliant Oreo cake created by Kevin Sharkey! When I saw this I had one of those "Duh why didn't I think of that moments"! Can you take a stab at how many packages of Oreos this must take...I am clueless!
photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Omnimedia

I was so excited to see Wendy Baner the "Pipe Cleaner Lady" at the party. She was teaching everyone how to make adorable Daisy and Rose rings out of pipe cleaners. Aly and I had watched the show when Wendy was a guest and showed Martha how to make these. I knew Aly would be THRILLED if I brought one home for her, and she was. She is still wearing it!

I have one last post from My NY Experience that I will share tomorrow. Take a guess at who else I met at the party?? I can't wait to share!!

See you tomorrow!

P.S. Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my photography. I have always had a love for it. Of course I am still working on it, as I have no clue how to use photoshop...LOL! 


  1. Everything sounds so exciting! So glad you were able to go and enjoy it!

  2. I am so glad you got to go to the event. It seems that you had so much fun!!

  3. Love the Oreo cake. Could cut down on number of cookies by putting something like a 3 lb coffee can in middle of the layers, except for top one. Or make one on a smaller scale. Glad you had a great time in NY. It is a great place to vist and to meet so many people was icing on the cake. Take care.


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