Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Party Collection Sneak Peak {Whatever Wednesday}

While cooking dinner the other night I grabbed my sketch book and thought I would sketch out the display I would like to create for my newest collection, which is coming out soon!! Of course I got as far as sharpening my pencil when my 6 year old pulled up the step stool and took over. This lovely little assistant of mine went to town drawing every little detail of how my display should look, including me behind the table holding up cake pops.  She told me that Daddy would need to take this picture of course, because I can't pose with cake pops and photograph myself. LOL 
Here is the sneak peek of my newest party collection...

artwork by Aly age 6
Any guesses as to what is on this wonderful table? It is funny, because the more I look at it the more details I find. Is that a drink on my head? OH to be 6 again and excited about everything! I love my little assistant. 

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