Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Pretty Little Gift Ideas For Teachers, Friends and Family

I have a few more "box challenge" ideas for you today. These cute little gift ideas are from my blogging friend, Melissa Newell of My Party Passion.

Here Melissa used my white Breeve Gable Box and embellished it with scrapbook paper, twine and a fun cut out. Fill this little cutie with wrapped candies and gift cards, a perfect gift for your favorite teacher during teacher appreciation week or anytime during the school year!

Using another plain white Breeve Gable Box, Melissa created the perfect treat for a crafty friend. The box is decorated with scrapbook paper, ribbon and a cute tag. Inside some crafting embellishments like brads, buttons, washi tape, decorative clothes pins and a votive.

Last but not least using a plain Kraft Petal Box, a sweet birthday surprise for an adult friend. Not only did Melissa decorate the outside of the box with scrapbook paper, but also inside flaps. Fill the box with wrapped candies, a decorative magnet, a mini bottle of alcohol and a shot glass. This would make a fun bachelorette gift too! 

What little goodies do you think would be fun gifts to go inside my Mini favor boxes? 



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