Saturday, October 10, 2009

Party Starters First EVER Cake Theme Contest!!

We are looking for some fresh, fun and funky cake themes. Themes for any occasion: birthdays, retirement, little kids, big kids, weddings, showers…you name it. We want something different, something really OUT there, we want a challenge!!!

Tell us what theme we should do our next cake in and if your idea is chosen we will send you one of our newest cake favor set for FREE!

You have until Saturday, October 17, 2009 7PM MST (G-7) to enter! On Sunday, October 18, 2009 we will announce our winners…yes WINNERS! Jen and Pam will each choose a theme to play with. . Please spread the word, the more the merrier!

So here is how you can enter to win (ANYONE can enter)

-Become a fan if you aren’t already and leave a comment on our Facebook fan page with your cake theme idea

-Become a follower if you aren’t already and leave a comment here on our blog
with your cake theme idea


  1. Comic Book Birthday Party Cake. I actually did this once and it turned out AWESOME and surprisingly easy. I dare you. (Hee Hee)

  2. Oh, what about doing one that caters to smaller business and fill. It could be a special sales event. like each slice will contain a coupon for a certain percentage off. They get to choose a slice. So you can decorate it up wiht the theme of 'sale'.

  3. A fall theme would be fun too. This altered pumpkin would be REALLY cute on top:

  4. Oh, here's one that I would love to have...a potty training one! could be a rewards too. Every time the kid goes potty he/she gets to pick a slice which contains a prize!

  5. A 60's PEACE cake.....peace signs..psychodelic colors....swirls and fun!

  6. Cowboy/Rodeo bandana...twine/rope...lasso.....denim...

  7. Equestrian Cake: brown or pony print boxes...horseshoes...leather twine? horse going over a jump for the topper....

  8. Teacher Appreciation: school theme paper boxes....Red school house topper....... great for Hospitality Committee or PTA....

  9. Promotion cake...climbing the ladder!!!

  10. Advent Calendar Cake: Numbered cake slices counting down to Christmas Day..........

  11. great minds think alike, we have already made an advent cake, just haven't posted it yet...good thinking!!!

  12. Open House/House Warming Cake...cake pieces...surrounded by white picket fence...little cottage cake topper....

  13. I know I am wayyyy late on this one..but for a boys party:

    Creepy Crawler Cake: decorated with all different kinds of creepy bugs...

    Solar System Cake:

    Dinosaur/Fossil Cake.....

    For a girl:

    Butterfly Cake...


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