Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How do you eat your cupcake?

I recently tried to explain on Twitter how I eat my cupcakes. I was shocked when followers said they had never heard of doing it this way. SO...here is a mini tutorial on how we eat our cupcakes around here. Keeps my kids from licking off all the frosting and leaving the cake. PLUS,  no more frosting up your nose!!

(click on image to make bigger)

How do you eat your cupcake???


  1. Pam this is such a great post! I will have to show my husband this one.

  2. Such a FuN idea! I usually eat break off the bottom half and eat it first...then I have a lil' cake with my frosting!

  3. YAY!!!! I've eaten my cupcakes like this for as long as I can remember :-) I learned it from my uncle when I was a child, which was many years ago - LOL!!!

  4. Oh, fun! Now, if I could only get T to stop pulling apart her sandwiches, this might have a chance!

  5. Love it! Stopping over from the Eye Candy even today! Love you and your blog and products!

  6. I am a boring cupcake eater but you better believe I am going to turn them into sandwiches from now on!!! Great post! Sent from Eye Candy!!


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