Monday, August 23, 2010

Mustache Bash 2010 {Real Parties}

I have been dying to show off these photos from Corbin's 11th birthday party.  When I asked him what kinds of items he wanted on his table he simply wanted cookies, lollipops, and cupcakes. Which worked out well, because our guest list was rather small. About 14 guests total, so we really didn't need a ton of sweets. As a joke I threw in a canister full of red apples, just so I could say I had one healthy item on the table.

So without further adieu...the Mustache Bash

The main attraction besides the birthday boy of course!

Mustaches On A Stick & M&Ms
 The mustaches on a stick where Corbin's idea of entertainment. He thought he was getting a little too old to play party games, so instead we took pictures of friends and family sporting their favorite stash! The rest of the time the boys just wrestled on the lawn, while the adults enjoyed the 74 degree weather outside. I completely lucked out with the weather. I was going to have the party inside with all of those chocolate melty treats. Seriously 74 degrees in the middle of August!

The Dessert Buffet
Photo Of The Guest Of Honor & Old Fashion Paper Straws

The bunting strung across the trees
 I used a photo I had taken of Corbin that was taken a few weeks ahead of time and framed it. The fun vintage paper straws were decorated with fancy black mustaches. I made this simple bunting which was tied together with red and white striped bakers twine.

Personalized Ice Cream Cups

About 2 months ago I had asked around for recommendations for  good graphic designers who made party printables.  Courtney from Pizzazzerie gave me a few great names of girls she works with and highly recommends. When I saw Jen from Blush Printables' work I knew I had to get her to make the images for Corbin's party. Jen has a very unique style and that is what I wanted for this party...something different!  I told her I needed something for a mustache bash, gave her Corbin's age, and initials and she created all of these fun images!! Everyone especially Corbin loved them!! I asked Jen's permission to use her images to create t-shirts for our immediate family.  It was really fun for all of us to wear our favorite mustache design.

Chocolate Mustache Lollipops
Designs by Jen from Blush Printables.
The entertainment
More cupcake pictures...can't get enough!
Corbin and his Manly Man Mustache *Dessert Table.  

I found and purchased the Mustache Lolly Molds, Red & White Paper Straws  & Mustache Cookie Cutter from Bake It Pretty. The fun red and white twine that I used to decorate the Chocolate Mustache Lollies & what I used to tie the bunting together was from The Twinery.  I only had a week to get ready for Corbin's party after I got back from New York and completely forgot about buying the twine with all the craziness that had been going on. I tweeted The Twinery on Twitter and asked if there was anyway they could get me my order within 3 days. They were absolutely fantastic and rushed my order to me!! Fantastic Customer service and I will definitely be back for more!!! 

Originally I had planned on using some wood letters that I have had for 5 years (sitting in a box since I bought them) to put across the table which spelled out "Corbin", but they were just too small & I wanted a statement! So I found these paper mache letters at JoAnne Fabric for $3.99 each. I spray painted them red so that they would stand out against all of the blue. Blue by the way is Corbin's favorite color...hence all the blue! 

So for the cupcakes & sugar cookies...(yes, I baked them from scratch) I used Brandi's (from Tweedle Dee Designs)  homemade butter cream frosting recipe that she had posted over at Crazy Domestic. Brandi has been doing a cupcake feature for the past three weeks on their blog . OMG, I seriously could have eaten this frosting by the spoonful. Her recipe calls for almond extract, but my boys don't care for it, so I used a teaspoon of vanilla.....SO GOOD!!! Not only is it good on cupcakes, but oh so good on sugar cookies!! I colored the frosting brown, or attempted to..its kind of tan....but it is vanilla, not chocolate.  I want to try her chocolate ganache recipe under week 2 of her series next...yummy! Thanks Brandi for the awesome recipes!! 

 Well that's it...the Mustache Bash of 2010! 
Thanks so much for stopping and taking a peak! 


* Food items on table from L to R: Chocolate Swirl Marshmallows, Red, Blue and Brown M&Ms, Raspberry Blue Licorice, Red Licorice, Tootsie Rolls, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, more Tootsie Rolls,  Chocolate Lollipops, Red Apples, Mini Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, White Large Marshmallows,  IBC Rootbeer


  1. Pam I love it! It is perfect for an 11 year old boy! I am sending this to a school Mom who is looking for ideas for her son turning 11! Great work! I really like the circle on the icecream cups!!

  2. Amazing job, Pam! I just may have to feature this post of yours - too many cute ideas!!

  3. This is great Pam!! The colors are perfect!! I LOVE the labels/stickers on the ice cream cups (those are my kid's fave)!!

    Looks like a fun fun party!

  4. So ridiculously adorable & grown up at the same time. Just perfect...

  5. Ohmygosh, Pam, this turned out SO WONDEFUL. I had so much fun working with you, and I'm so glad Corbin loved his party!

    Jen @ Blush

  6. This is super cute, whimsical, and fun! - 3 of my favorite things! ;D

  7. I love it!!! The cupcake toppers are absolutely perfect, I love all the diff designs!

  8. Everything turned out SO great!!! LOVE!

  9. It turned out way awesome girl!!! And even more so because it was for a boy and you know we have so much to work with :) You know I have to share!

  10. What an awesome party. Wonderful job, love the theme!

  11. Darling -- love the "entertainment" and the mustache lollis. Great job!

  12. OH I love EVERYTHING!! Great job Pam.

  13. Kate @ AndeverythingsweetAugust 23, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    What a cool party!!! I love everything!!!!

  14. Such a fun looking party! Thanks for sharing ;)

  15. Love it, Pam! My favorite part is the Chocolate Mustache Lollies! They came out perfect! Awesome job!

  16. The chocolate mustache lollipops are my favorite thing!

  17. amazing job! (of course!) love the big letters!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!

  18. Loving this party! The printables are so cute too. Great job Pam :)

  19. You've outdone yourself yet again!!! Love the color palette! BRAVO!

  20. Insanely creative! Great job--enjoyed looking at the pics!

  21. Love it!!! I love all your events!!! you're so creative!

  22. I love this party theme- so different and really cute! I especially love the mustaches on a stick!

  23. So So CUTE!! Loving every bit of it! Great Job!!

  24. WOW! This is incredibly cute!! I have been searching for a Little Man party, and yours is amazing!! I featured some of your ideas here:

    Thanks SO much!


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