Monday, November 29, 2010

Coming Soon!

Get ready for 12 days of crafting and party favor inspiration!

My kids and I will be making all sorts of fun decorations, favors and treats to share with you this holiday season. Some of these crafts can easily be changed up to fit any occasion! The fun begins this Wednesday, December 1st and will run until December 12th. This will give you plenty of time to pick up all of the supplies you will need to make these fun projects before the kids start their winter break and just in time for Christmas! Spread the word and the holiday cheer!!

Best Party Wishes,


  1. Love it! Always looking for good crafty ideas for the kiddos!! :) (Better yet... got 4, count'em 4 Michael's flyers in Sunday's paper... that's 4 coupons to use for this crafty fun! I'll be sure to spread the word!!)

  2. Oh how fun! Can't wait to see what you and your kiddos whip up : )


  3. Looking forward to all the great crafts!


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