Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Lucky Life kind of Party

I have thrown many parties, but I must say that my husbands party was the least stressful one that I have had in a long time. What made the difference...for this party I used a Lucky Life Parties Kit! Danielle from Lucky Life creates download-able party kits for all kinds of occasions. It was so nice to have "someone else" do all the prep work for me.

For Al's birthday I used the Dinner Party for Eight kit which included:
  • menu
  • bar menu with signature drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • shopping lists
  • party timeline and checklist 
  • step by step guidelines
  • playlist suggestions
  • recipes
  • fun tips and advice
  • decor ideas
  • basic printable invitations
What I loved about this kit first of all is that I felt like Danielle was right there giving me instructions with her fabulous sense of humor.  I could really make everything in this guide suite our needs, tweek it here and there...perfecto! The dinner recipes were delicious and I am sure the dessert recipes were as well, but since this was a birthday party I baked Al's favorite cake instead. I can't even begin to explain how wonderful this kit made my life.

Al is fond of Asian inspired decor, so instead of a flower arrangement I used pots of bamboo along with candles

Homemade 3 layered carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

 Instead of decorating the cake with piped frosting I purchased these great custom cake flags from Go Against The Grain in Al's favorite color scheme, yellow and gray. I am totally crushing on these flags now!

The next time you are getting ready to plan a party whether it is for 8 people or 25 I strongly suggest checking out Lucky Life Party Kits. As for the favors...well Party Starters of course!

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  1. I've often wondered how well something like that would work. It looks like you had a great party!

  2. What a GREAT idea! Looks like you had fun :)

  3. Hey I just stumbled on this blog post.. I cant believe people buy a KIT that tells you how to have a party, right down to playlist suggestions? How impersonal, packaged and uncreative can you get?? I'm flabbergasted - what happened to individuality?

  4. Hayley, I wish I could contact you to write you back personally. I can see how you would think that by purchasing a kit like this parties might lose their individuality. The wonderful thing about these kits though is that you can use as much or as little from it as you want. It is fabulous for people with little or no time OR people who have no experience in throwing a party of any kind. It can really be a wonderful starting point for anyone and a great way to spark your creativity.


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