Monday, January 24, 2011

Life Is Like A Box Of Cupcakes {Motivate Me Monday}

I have been working on an large order of mini cupcake favor boxes for a clients wedding all weekend. SO when I went to look for an inspirational photo for today's post I figured I would search under cupcakes, well I had seen most of the pictures that popped up right away. Then I thought wait a minute how about narrowing my search a bit and look under "Mini Cupcakes". Look at the picture that slapped me in the face.....

How have I not seen this gorgeous picture?? Forget the box of chocolates for Valentine's Day...I WANT a box of cupcakes!!! I found this photo over at the Hello, Cupcake! Blog. If you haven't been there before, its a must stop while you are on your blogging travels. Karen and Alan give a great description of how each of these cupcakes is decorated and HELLO... could these be any cuter?! I am in love and totally motivated now...I want mini cupcakes like these in MY Mini Cupcake Favor Boxes!! Maybe I can think of someone really special to make these for this Valentine's Day...hmmm who has been really good???

Hope this photo motivates you today and gets your creative juices following! What kinds of candy would you use to decorate mini cupcakes??



  1. Those are so cute and what a great display!

    RM, Home Confetti

  2. So incredibly cute! I don't know what candy I would use for a mini cupcake. I'm a pretty traditional girl, and would probably just opt for frosting. But then again, some really cute cookies could also be tasty. I'm a total sucker for a freshly baked cookie!

  3. Not only are those gorgeous, but they're making me want to drive out & buy a box of chocolates! Yummm

    Rolling out Starburst Candy & cutting them into flower petals would be really cute too :)

  4. Wow, decorating with candy in the cutest designs is such a quick & clever idea. It's like ready-made charm right there! Can see this box-of-cupcakes idea at a bridal shower, too!


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