Friday, July 29, 2011

Class Reunion

Tonight is the beginning of my 20th class reunion weekend. I was asked by my former classmates if I would like to promote my business...well of course I would!

I didn't want to do the typical advertisement in a program or flier though, I wanted to CREATE something more hands on. SO that is exactly what I am doing...creating and decorating! A simple banner for check in tonight then nearly 200 cupcake picks and a banner or two for tomorrow's picnic at the park.

Here is what those cupcake will be wearing... lots of silver and blue! If by chance you are a Columbine Rebel and stumbled upon this post, I will be changing up this set a bit to fit any school occasion. I will then  post it on Scribd for all current students, teachers, staff and Columbine alumni to use for free.

Now the hard part, figuring out what the heck I should wear!
Have a wonderful weekend friends!!

***Click HERE for the updated versatile version for the Columbine community***


  1. Very cool and creative!!! enjoy your HS reunion. I celebrated my 30th last Oct and sure wish I had these lovely creations to show off!! Next time. :o)

  2. Funny. My 20 yr reunion is in a week. Great work. And have fun!

  3. Wow, your classmates are sure to be impressed! These are so stylish but still fun!

  4. They look great! Thanks for sharing!


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