Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"The Cake Is A Lie" Party {Real Party}

As I explained earlier our son who is 14 wanted a Portal (video game) themed party this year. Not an easy task as their aren't "party decorations" of any kind for this theme. SO everything was done from scratch! My husband chipped in by creating the t-shirt images, which I in turn used pieces of to create labels for the other party items. Without further ado...the party picts!

Since most of the video game takes place in a warehouse, I thought shelving and a brick background made for a more industrial feel. 

Since we are still living with my parents, we had the party at the park. Turned out to be a great idea so the kids could run around and drop "Propulsion Gel" everywhere! LOL

These are my Pedal boxes, which I found out work PERFECT for cake pops!! I placed a cupcake liner in the bottom of each box and set a cake pop inside. When the lid closes it allows for the stick to poke out. BRILLIANT! ALL of the adults loved taking this favor home with them. 

The fun "Candy Tubes" from Fancy That were perfect for holding orange Skittles. Yes we picked through a one pound bag just to get all of the orange ones out. 

 I found these awesome blue bottom, clear topped balls at Party City for only .99 each. The are like the plastic balls you get prices in from those gumball machines. We made t-shirts for each of the kids and put them inside these balls as party favors. Great idea for teens, since the small trinket stuff just doesn't go over well. You know...too cool for that kid stuff! LOL

Here are the cake pops all boxes up and ready to hand out at the end of the party. 

I made "Propulsion Gel" AKA Flubber. Here is the recipe, which was super easy and made just enough for 8 Glad containers full. EVERYONE even the adults had fun playing with this goo!

Repulsion Gel AKA Mountain Berry Powerade. 

Last but not least, my birthday boy with "GladO's Cake". The cake you are promised at the end of your mission in the game is a Black Forest cake, but since Ty isn't a big fan of cherries I made a three layer chocolate cake and decorated it to look like the cake in the game. I think he really liked it. 

Now onto planning birthday number 2 of the summer....Aly's surprise party!
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Flubber Recipe on Food.com


  1. I love the cake pops in the boxes! The birthday cake looks so yummy too! The 'proulsion gel' eww, BOYS hey! Jane:)

  2. it all looks amazing!!
    You did a great job (as usual)!
    Love the flubber :)

  3. You did a fantastic job! From the amazing designs to the cake pops and the candy tubes, I'm in love with it all!

  4. What a great party!!! Teen boy parties are so hard and you made it look easy!

  5. What a great party! I hope I can be this creative when my little guy gets older. Great job!

  6. What a wonderful job - I love all the detail you created from scratch. Is there a recipe for the propulsion gel??

  7. Everything looks so great!!! Love to see a boys theme party :) Such a fun theme and love your ideas.

  8. I don't even know what Portal is, but this is one amazing party. My chimps would love that gel. I adore all the packaging details-so polished, but still very badass:)

  9. Do you have PDF versions of all the labels you used? My husband loved Portal and I want to throw him a surprise Portal-themed party as well. I came across your blog when I goggled Portal birthday parties and I LOVE what you've done!!


  10. I would also like the pdf versions of labels you used and what kinds of labels were used. Can you please send to me? mslynseyjohnson@gmail.com


  11. Wow, you did great! I am trying to plan a Portal theme for my soon to be 7 year old! I would love to know how you did the labels as well!erin6473@yahoo.com

  12. My daughter would love a Portal party! This is so amazing! I'd love to know how you did the labels as well!

  13. Can you PLMK how you made the labels?

  14. Hello, Great Party!!!
    I was hoping you could tell me where you found the companion cube boxes for the cake pops, and also how you made the labels.
    Thank you so much!

  15. Thank you so much for posting this! I am doing the same for my son's 16th birthday and you have given me so much inspiration!! Great job, mom!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I'd really REALLY love the PDF files! tdtauni@yahoo.ca

  18. Would you be willing to send me the pdf files as well? mandmbritton@gmail.com

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