Monday, October 11, 2010

New Trends

I apologize for my short absence. My family was needing me and well...I was needing them. I had a great weekend with my husband and kids, was also able to spend some time with my Mom which was long over due! 
SO now I am back and wanting to share some great new items that seem to be very trendy these days! First up....
image from Dough A Deer
I am seriously in love with the little doughnuts I am seeing everywhere. These delicious rainbow sprinkled delights are from Dough A Deer. Not just for breakfast anymore!!

image from Jen Gebrosky
Cake Buntings
I have actually been wanting to make a cake bunting for about 6 months or more. I saw them on Etsy and fell in love with them then. I am thinking I just need to make a cake for the heck of it, so that I can put a bunting on it! This sweet homemade cake is from Jen over at Blush Printables. Jen was also inspired by these lovely little buntings so much, that she jumped right in and made one of her own this weekend.  Love it Jen!!

Image from Posh Party Pretties
Kandy Kones
These sweet treat holders are definitely the bomb and are flying out of my favorite Super Chic's store. Kandy Kones a clever treat holder that resembles a Cala Lily.

image from Pizzazzerie
Cupcake Skewers
I am pretty sure that any food on a skewer is HOT right now! Marshmallows, gummy candies...and the oh so trendy mini cupcake skewers! The first place I spotted this great new cupcake trend was over at Pizzazzerie. Courtney even hosted a fabulous cupcake skewer contest recently! Another "have to try these" party item!

What do you think...will these trends stick around for a bit? What new trends have you seen popping up?

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Super cute stuff...Kind of happy and kind of sad the rest of the party world is finally loving donuts:)

  2. Oh Pamela! You are so lucky you posted a picture of my CLEAN kitchen countertops LOL

    Thanks for including me in this awesome roundup of trends!

  3. Thanks for including me too!! I sure hope Cupcake Skewers stick around :) and doughnuts - oh boy those are definitely staying around, YUM YUM!

  4. LOL! Kristy is sooo selfish she wants me all to herself ;) <3 The more business I get, the more likely I will be able to fly out and VISIT you with some doughnuts in my luggage ;) <3

  5. Great seems as though anything on a stick is popular these days. What will be thought of next? The possibilities are endless!

  6. I've had this page bookmarked for a while just waiting to try the mini-bunting out ---I used it at my son's birthday party this past weekend. Thanks for the idea!


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