Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Contest Coming Soon!

image courtesy of Graphic Fairy
My birthday is coming up quick and because I have been busy planning my husband's birthday (our birthday's are only 9 days apart) I haven't had much time to design my own gathering.  YES, I am planning a party for myself, is that wrong?? Really it won't be much different than a girls night out.  I have invited my closest friends and put on the invitation "the only gift I want is your presence". Aren't friendships the best gift in the world anyway?!!

SO since I am short on planning time I want to enroll all of you...my best blog friends to help me out.  ***I HEAR A CONTEST COMING** The theme for my party is Cupcakes & Cocktails! Tomorrow I will give you all of the details and what you can win!! Get ready to put your thinking caps on, this is gonna be fun!!


Thank you for visiting, your comment is much appreciated!


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