Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowflake Hearts {Tutorial Tuesday}

With Valentine's Day right around the corner I wanted to create a fun projects that all of my kids could help me create. The collaboration of paper snowflakes and hanging hearts popped into my head! My older kids had no problem with cutting these, but my 6 year old had a hard time cutting through all of the layers. I had her point out where she wanted me to cut and when we were finished she got to open it up and see the design "she created"! Here is how I did it...


Step 1. Using a piece of 8.5" x 11" copy paper pull one corner over to the opposite side, create a triangle

Step 2. Cut off excess strip of paper. when you unfold your triangle you will have a perfect square

Step 3. Take your triangle, holding onto the folded side cut a large tear drop shape. When you open up your paper you will have a heart shape.

Step 4. Take the point of your tear drop and fold your paper upwards a little over half way and crease.

Now Flip your paper over

Step 5. Flip over your paper and fold your paper in half vertically.

Step 6. Start cutting out small tear drop shapes along the sides of your "cone shaped paper". 
Make sure not to cut off your folded sides completely or your heart will fall apart.

Step 7.  Open up your paper and check out your design! 

Cut out different shaped hearts each time in a variety of colors. Then using ribbon or fishing line hang your hearts at different lengths from the ceiling to create a fun mobile. These would also be an adorable decoration taped to windows, walls and doors OR made into a fun bunting.

The best part is that all of those little tear drops you cut out, make great heart confetti to put in with your Valentine cards! I hope you try out this fun and easy project. 


  1. Oh so fun and adorable! Great tutorial!

  2. Love this and hope to use something similar on an upcoming party! How did you manage to hang the hearts so nicely on the fishing line? Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Hi Pam, I love your new blog look, so cleam and bright! you did a great job. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  4. These are SUPER cute! Love your new blog!

  5. This is adorable! thanks for sharing ;)

  6. I heart your hearts. Although Valentine's Day in Brasil is far away (June,12th) I'm sure I'll find a way to use them before that.
    Loved the blog new look. Congrats.


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