Monday, October 24, 2011

Thomas's Train Party

One of the downers to being a few states away from family is you miss out on all of the celebrations. My parents are both from Iowa, so just about all of my extended family is out there. No sharing birthday parties or holidays with cousins, aunts, uncles or grandparents.

I was absolutely ecstatic when my cousin asked if I would create a birthday party collection for her nephew's first birthday (since it's my cousin's little boy...does that make him my cousin once removed???). Anyway, Thomas's birthday in two weeks and since I had his decorations all ready to go, my Mom and I decided to have our own little party here in Colorado for Thomas. This was a good excuse to photograph some of the decorations and make a cake we could eat as well!

A banner

Totally in love with mini cake buntings, so had to include one! 

Cupcake Flags

So excited about these, my new Bon Bon favor boxes! Customized just for Thomas! 

Straw or Cake flags

Name print which includes the year he was born, great for room decor! 

Here is the cake I made, a lemon with raspberry filling covered in vanilla buttercream frosting. 
OH MY was this good, if I do say so myself!! 

Everything shown here is now available in my PS Harvey Shop or Party Starters shop. 

Here's wishing Thomas a wonderful first birthday!! I can't wait to see photos from the REAL party!! 

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