Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Modern Favor Box Designs

Being featured in BRIDES magazine has inspired me to create some new patterns for my mini favor boxes. I gave a sneak preview on Instagram and the response was incredible! Check them out...

The rainbow patterned mini gables aren't "new", but they have been updated with brighter colors and just like all of the boxes, they are now laser printed.

The "Leaves" pattern has been updated as well! Now you can choose up to 4 colors from our color chart of 30 colors to create your own unique box!

This is a NEW box pattern. The "Mod Triangle" pattern also allows you to choose colors, up to 3. The colors shown here on our Breeve Gable box are: Main-Blush, Secondary-Wheat, Accent-Navy. I think this is my new favorite box and I would totally create a party to go around it!

All of these boxes are now available in the shop. Like I said we have a NEW color chart available for our boxes which includes 30 colors to choose from!! MORE designs and box styles are coming in the next few weeks!

Have fun shopping!!


*In case you didn't know, all of our box patterns are designed, cut and assembled by myself upon purchase. Unique mini favor boxes made in the USA by a small business. As always your business is appreciated!! 

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  1. All ya need is love....love...love is all ya need...Oh and your awesome boxes!


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