Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Oreo Cake

One of the most popular images on my blog according to Pinterest is the photo I took of the Oreo cake at Martha Stewart's Blogger's Night Out back in 2010.

Back to the cake, when I see my photo pinned there are usually comments like, "how was this put together?" or wouldn't this be fun on a smaller scale. SO I am sharing what I have learned from doing this myself.

Here is what you need:

3 packages of Spring Oreos ( they have yellow filling and some of the cookies have "Spring" time images on them).
An 8" in diameter cake plate or cake stand

Step 1. Starting on the outside place 10 qty Oreos around the edge of the cake plate so that they create a circle and are all touching on the sides. fill in the center with approximately 3-4 Oreos (I used the chipped or cracked ones for the inside since you won't see them).
Step 2. Start your next layer on the outer edge placing each cookie on top of where the bottom two cookies touch each other. Just like you would lay bricks. Keep going all the way around and fill up the center too.
Step 3. Repeat the process until you have 6 layers of cookies.

Just like the cake at Martha's event, nothing holds it together, just the weight of itself. How do I know, well because I watched a lady back into the cake and half of it fell on the floor. LOL I also tried going a bit smaller in diameter and it just didn't look right, I am sure it's a math thing LOL. Maybe you could go smaller if you use the mini Oreos, but that would take a of cookies! I want to say the original cake at Martha's took 30-40 packages of cookies, but I could be wrong. I know it was a TON though.

I am definitely going to do this smaller scale cake again for a party here at home and serve small glasses of milk with it.  I will also make it with the Mint Oreos, how pretty would that be with the dark brown and mint green...YES!

Have fun trying this and please share if you do! Don't limit yourself to Oreos, you could play with any sandwich type cookie.



  1. That looks awesome, Pam! I love the look of the yellow filled cookies and I agree that the mint would look amazing! I think they also have pink filled cookies and sometimes have blue, those would be cute for a baby shower or first birthday too. Great job!

  2. Love how this looks! The problem is that I now want to go to the groceries and pick up some Oreos to make myself an Oreo cake for my birthday! :)


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