Thursday, November 5, 2009

A "Pink Glittery Guitar" kind of birthday...

I made this cake for a dear friend of mine, Karie who has a daughter, Hanna that is turning 9 at the end of this month. Guess what kind of party they are having... a Hanna Montana party. Karie asked for a Pink Glittery Guitar cake and this is what I created for them. This is one of our one layer small cake slice sets. Each girl at the party will get to take home a special slice of this Hanna Montana Cake filled with lots of fun goodies that Karie will stuff into each box.

Have a VERY Happy Birthday Hanna!

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*Remember Party Starters can create just about any themed cake you want or need. Contact us!

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  1. Hanna is going to be so very excited! Pam, you are wonderful! Thank you so much for this cake. I can not wait until she see's this. I am saving it for a surprise for her. It's going to be so hard for me. LOL!!!


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