Friday, November 5, 2010

Create My Party by Lizard & Ladybug {Entry #9}

WOW we are almost there, after today just one more entry into the Create My Party contest (which is now closed)! Today's feature is by Staci from Lizard & Ladybug.

Here to explain her entry is Staci:

I'm throwing my ideas in the ring

Pam at Party Starters is having a birthday next month & 
she's decided to get some help planning her party.  
Pretty clever if you ask me - everyone else finds fab ideas for her.  
It's like she's getting her gifts early :)

Here are the details of the challenge.   
The short version - Pam was inspired by a charcoal grey sweater & jeans...
my kinda gal!!  
She loves chocolate, music and is a big ol sap :)

Here is my 'inspiration board' - I would love to have this kinda party, btw!!!

the sunburst mirror was the first thing that popped in my head - 
don't know why, but it did (plus I think it's cool - like Pam)

  I picture the shorter glasses being used to serve cupcakes*. 
The taller glasses for cocktails**.

I thought it would be fun to incorporate Pam's favorite color with clever garnish.  

The damask could be used a gazillion ways.  
Table runners, invitations (with a cream colored overlay), 
on boxes to display cupcakes or even as place cards or menu signs.

The piano stand would be great to display flavor/topping menu at the cupcake buffet, drink menu at the bar and even pictures of the birthday girl :)

Silver/gray colored ribbon would be the perfect accent to custom drink markers.
The rose pillow looks cozy - which is kinda what I feel Pam's party should be...
comfortable, easy and
smooooooth - just like her!! 

*ok..enough of that - let's talk cupcakes
I'm a simple girl - I like chocolate and vanilla. For cupcakes and frosting.  
 Here are my ideas for toppings (or just to eat whenever)
Oreo truffles, mini marshmallows, salted caramel, fresh fruit

**for drinks - I see a 'Pam-tini'..
{whatever type of martini-like drink} 
with a great green garnish (apple slice, cucumber slice, lime, basil - you get the idea)
And to add just a little 'old school' - green jello shots :)

Pam, no matter which idea you choose -- I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
OH Staci, this post cracks me up...oh yeah I am SO smooth!! LOL Did you happen to catch that pillow...OK I am addicted to gray pillows now that everyone has been including them in their party plans!! 

 Alrighty, tomorrow is the last entry, it is also my birthday so that means I will be announcing the winner of the Create My Party contest!! Make sure you come back!



  1. Loving her inspiration board (and the gray pillow as well!).

  2. It's so amazing how all these little touches make such a difference when planning a party!... I love everyone's ideas so far! Staci, I'm loving the garnish, the piano stands positioned at various stations for menus, and, of course -- like everyone else -- I'm swooning over the gorgeous gray rose pillow!!!

  3. LOVE the idea of the cupcakes served in those glass! I must go find some!!!! :)


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