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Create My Party by Deb from Table Tops For Tots {Entry #10}

SO here we are at the end of the Create My Party entries. We might be at the end, but this entry is certainly not "last". Debbie from Table Tops For Tots turned in her entry at the last minute, and I am so glad she did! It is awesome!!

Here is Debbie's Party Proposal in her own words:

The wonderful Pam at Party Starters threw down the gauntlet a few days ago on her blog with her open invitation to “Create Her Party!.”    Pam has always been a great cheer leader and has been a great blogger friend, so I thought the least I could do was pay her a bit of a tribute with my own attempt at planning a special party for her upcoming 38th birthday!  Her challenge included the recommendations to include the following…
  • A do it yourself cupcake decorating buffet with different flavors of cupcakes, frostings & toppings
  • A fun little bar with a few swanky cocktails
  • The color scheme will be Gray, Cream and Leafy Green (incorporate damask)
Ok, Pam!  I’m going to be the first to admit that my presentation for your birthday party might just be a bit of inspiration overkill… (you’re thinking to yourself, “gee, Deb… ya think!!!?!!  :)
But you have to understand that I have all of this pent up creativity that simply cannot be satiated by only delivering tables and chairs throughout the year.  I really do live for this kind of stuff… I just don’t always have the opportunity!  So in this instance, pardon my over-exuberance… but this really was a lot of fun!  I hope you like my presentation for your upcoming 38th!!


Image and apple green damask wall canvas treatments courtesy of — and featured at –
1.  Their product images inspired me, so whether you use these beautiful gems of blown glass as glass “cups,” candleholders or vases, the universal word used to describe them is gorgeous!  These gems called, glassybaby’s, can be found at  and can be found at
2.  Image courtesy of, and featured on
3. Martini-inspired cupcake (as featured on )  by Cupcake Surfer (a.k.a. Tammy Holmgren) on Flickr (Loved this image, but for Pam’s party… swap out the red polka dot for a green damask pattern… sweet!)
4.  One of the most famous former speakeasies, the 21 Club, at 21 West 52nd Street.  Believe it or not, Pam, this block in NYC once held 38 separate speakeasies.  (A coincidence… I think not!!) Image and info courtesy of NewYorkology –
5.  Image courtesy of — and featured on –
6.  Tabletop lantern image courtesy of, and available at –   (Inspired by the image referred to in #4, I thought replacing the “21″ with a “38″ on a few tabletop lanterns would be a nice touch.)
7.  Although it refers to the 40’s/50’s vs. the “speakeasy” time period of the 1930’s, I really liked the look and typography used in this flyer… not sure the source … but it was an event tied to a fundraiser for Afghan Heroes and St. Catherine’s Hospice in the U.K.

8.  Image courtesy of, and featured on
9.  Bloody Mary image courtesy of
10.  Source ?  (Not sure… I’ll get back to you!)
11.  Image of this (and many other incredibly retro-inspired clothes!) courtesy of
12.  Actress, Rachel Weisz wears a green silk lace dress from Dior with a pair of Louboutins at Cannes.  Image courtesy of
13.  Image courtesy of
14.  Source (Not sure… I’ll get back to you!)
15.  Image of this (and many other cool dresses!) courtesy of
16.  Image courtesy of

17.   Lantern images courtesy of, and available at
18.  Image courtesy of Ah-Tissue’s Facebook photo album  “Photo’s from Customers and Features of My Pom Poms!!”
19.  Image courtesy of Ah-Tissue’s Facebook photo album  “Photo’s from Customers and Features of My Pom Poms!!”
20.  Don’t ask me why… but I  saw these  and since you’ll have a “make your own cupcake” bar, I thought if you needed to have hand sanitizer, these looked cute… (gee, can you tell I’m used to hosting kids parties!… always thinking about the germs! :)
21.  Cupcake pedestal image courtesy of Pedestals — a wonderful Etsy source!
22.  Image courtesy of as featured on


23.  Image courtesy of B.A.S.H.FUL Events’ “1920’s Speakeasy b.a.s.h” as featured at
24.  Image courtesy of the super-fun foodie nostalgia blog, Kitchen Retro

25.  I found this yummy image and its corresponding recipe for Hpnotiq Cocktail Cupcakes with Toasted Coconut Buttercream and Pineapple GelĂ©e at Kate raved about these cupcakes and shared full recipe information on her blog post here

26.  Martini-themed cupcakes (as featured on
by Roxie’s Cupcakes in Virginia Beach, Virginia (via Flickr)

27.  Image courtesy of
28.  Image courtesy of – featured in “Food Booth Fundraising Ideas,” by Maria Dockett, ehow Contributor

29.  Image courtesy of awesome feature “‘You Do it’ Cupcake Bar” from the fabu blog, “The Party Girls of Marcia Selden”
30.  Image courtesy of awesome feature “‘You Do it’ Cupcake Bar” from the fabu blog, “The Party Girls of Marcia Selden”

31.   This casual yet classy table setting image courtesy of really carefully and you’ll notice the cupcakes in the martini glasses!)
32.  Music note napkin ring image courtesy of
33.  This spectacular Cosmopolitan & Martini Cupcake Tower was created by Denville, New Jersey’s PinkCakeBox and is featured on their website,
34.  This stunning image is by Laurel McConnell Photography as featured on their blog site
35. Apple martini image courtesy of
36. Image as featured on with feature, Birthday Girl Martini Glass Cupcakes by Jeanne Benedict at
Some more sources for great event styling, shopping and inspiration!!!!
Amy Nelson Hannon’s wonderful blog  Sincerely Yours Paper Blog led me to a one-stop source for Pam’s main “party activity” —  Elinor Klivan’s cupcake (decorating) kit — plus some absolutely fantastic inspiration for Pam’s party playlist is streaming right on her blog … and website… take a listen to Amy’s “Happy Listenin’ Music” and you’ll be tapping your toes and in the mood for cocktails!!!

Last but not least, every kind of drink recipe (including the chocolate kiss martini shown below!!) can most likely be found on on the blog


Can you say holy moly check out all of that inspiration with links included!! That must have taken you forever Debbie, THANK YOU!!

I am seriously humbled by all of these entries...I can't tell you how impressive and inspiring they have all been! It has been SO hard to just pick one person, because everyone has done such an amazing job! I hope you have all had as much fun looking at these party proposals as I have. What a WONDERFUL birthday gift you have all given me!! Speaking of birthdays, yes TODAY is my 38th birthday and as promised I will be announcing the winner!! Check back tonight at 9PM MST to see who that lucky person is.....yes...I am a tease!



  1. Happy Birthday Lady!!! Hope it is really full of fun and no stress of picking a winner!!! You have a task ahead of you. They were all great!

  2. Debbie from Tabletops for Tots did an amazing job!! Wow! I can't imagine all the time it must have taken you to put this together!!! Great job!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!
    Debbie did a super amazing job!

  4. Happy B-day Pam! Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for featuring my submission. :)

  5. what a great much detail!

    Can't wait to see which one you choose!

  6. Happy Birthday Pam! Thank you truly for the Sincerely Yours Paper blog shout-out! Glad you enjoyed the cupcake kit and the tunes! :)


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