Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Memories, Thank Yous and more...

Here is a look back at the things that I celebrated this year, the people in my life, thank yous and so much more. 2010 was definitely a time for change and big ones at that! I can't wait to see where I am at this same time next year!

Here are some of my most memorable events...

Real Parties

Hazardous Teen (Real Party)
 My son's 1/2 birthday, my first dessert table display.
Princess & Pirates (Real Party)
My friends allowed me to take over their daughter's birthday party and go to town with my first printables. Thanks M &N!

My Daughter's Shabby Chic Fairy Party (Real Party)
This is the party where I started working with Stix-N-Pops. LOVE'd her Fairy Marshmallows! One of my most favorite parties this year.

My Son's Mustache Bash (Real Party)
The Mustache Bash, this is when I really got to know Jen from Blush Printables. She helped me make this party everything I ever hoped it would be!


photography by Sadie Days Photography
 I was SO extremely lucky to be able to work with so many insanely creative people this year. This photo of my daughter is cherished not only because she is in it, but also because it is from my first collaboration and represents the magic of new friendships!

Here is the long list of amazing NEW Friends I have because of collaborations this year

 My New York Experience

It was such an honor to receive an invitation to Martha Stewart's Bloggers Night Out event in New York City. Of course it wouldn't have been possible without the support of my little family, ALL of my amazing friends, old classmates and blogging besties who donated funds to get me there! 

Martha Stewart Headquarters

Amy Atlas & Me

Me, Kate, Danielle, Brandi
I of course loved meeting Martha and her amazing staff it was a dream come true, but I think the best part was getting to meet my fellow bloggers who constantly inspire and amaze me with their talent.
  Kristy from Posh Pixels 
Brandi from Tweedle Dee Designs
Jay from Maples Cakes
Danielle from Lucky Life
Stacy from Scrumptious Swirls

 These are some amazing people who helped me through this year and even though they are behind the scenes they helped me to get to where I am now. 

Dawn who stood by me when my life seemed to be crumbling around me, who is always a text away,  helped me cut and tape more favor boxes in a short amount of time then we ever thought possible. OH yeah and puts up with my "anal-ness" LOL

Terry from Creative Cuts and More who introduced me to the fabulous world of 3D paper creations and for constantly telling me how much she loved my work and giving me positive criticism when she new I could do better! 

Karie, my blogging bestie who I met 3-4 years ago when blogging was new to me. She has been my greatest cheerleader! Someday we will meet in person! 

Kim, Kristy, Staci, Debbie, Lelan, Genevieve, Brandi, Jillian & Rebekah for helping me celebrate more then one anniversary/birthday

Carrie and Robin who helped me pull together my first Party Starters open house and for celebrating my birthday with some funky green shots

My Family

Al my best friend, my technical support, the guy who listens to all of my party world drama!

My Kids, Tyler, Corbin & Aly who let me share their birthday parties with the world and are patient with me when "Mommy is working"

My parents, for not killing me when I was a child for constantly drawing on the walls inside and out.

Features & Press
I am still blown away when people comment on my work and even more stunned when my work is featured on other sites. Thank you to ALL of my friends who share what I love to do. 
Here are just a few features that happened this year

This feature blew me away and I was so completely honored and humbled that Beth Beattie PR, Branding & Events included me in her "Must Haves" page in Pregnancy Magazine in October.
Pregnancy Magazine
New Adventures

In November I was contacted by My Grafico to be their Head Party Planner. Over joyed with the idea of working with a new crew of graphic artists and creating party display each and every month, I jumped at the opportunity!  
Here are some of the parties of have styled for My Grafico and their artists

Printables by Blackleaf Studio
Artwork by Sanqunetti Designs
Printables by Zboooh Design Studio

There are just so many things that happened this year that I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined were possible. After writing this post I see a constant, which is new friends! I have been so extremely blessed and consider 2010 to be the year of Friendships.

To think 2010 all happened because of a party favor boxes shaped like a cake... 
we've come a long way baby!

Happy New Year Friends!!
Here is to many more new friendships, collaborations and parties!


  1. Pam, it was so great meeting you and working with you this year. I have no doubt that 2011 will bring you even more of the success you deserve. You are such a talented and truly sweet lady. XOXO

  2. What a lovely post Pam, it was a fabulous year wasn't it? You helped me 'meet' some amazing party gals and I'm so honored to have been part of your shout-outs...Happy New Year!!!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family Pam! Here's to a fantastic Twenty Eleven!! Stacy

  4. awww thanks for the luv! I am so glad we met and no one deserves the great things that have happened to you this year more than you! Best of luck and happiness in the new year! ...might even see me in CO, never know ;o)

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  5. You are simply amazing Pam. You deserve every fabulous thing coming your way. You are a rockstar. Love you.

  6. WOW! Big year! Thanks for including me in your new friends list! LOVEDDDDD your hazardous teen party. SO creative and fun.
    Also, thinking about using your printables for mygrafico for an upcoming 1st birthday party that I'm doing! Stay tuned!

  7. You could not be any sweeter or more genuine and I truly look forward to the day I can meet you in person and give you the biggest hug! I feel like I have known you for years. Take care and the best of luck for this upcoming year!

  8. I am so beyond thrilled for your successes this year. Congrats and here's to an amazing Party Starters2011!

  9. So inspiring to read about how amazing 2010 was for you...but more so, for the relationships that you so clearly value! All the best for 2011.


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