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Fall Tablescape Challenge with Astonishing Cakes

I have a very special blog post today, from guest blogger Renee Hiser of Astonishing Cakes llc. Renee was recently part of a Fall Tablescape Challenge and is here to share all of the details of her entry.  Be sure to check out the "competition's" entries too by clicking on the links at the bottom of this post. Get ready to be inspired! 
~ Pamela

Well, it’s in there…I’ve tossed my hat in the ring with some pretty amazing party people for a Fall Tablescape Challenge.  This was a fun departure from the dessert table I find myself at in my confectionary adventures as the owner/artist of Astonishing Cakes llc. 
Our challenge:
Design a fall themed tablescape for $25 or less AND incorporate these items into your design:

1. Red Wagon

2. A pumpkin

3. Wheat Stalks

4. Apples
5. A wooden sign

Let the rummaging through the house begin….

I went through my seasonal dinnerware to see what I have and determine a color palette.  After all, I tend to start with the color palette when thinking of cake design so why veer off course from what I know. I wanted to feature my colored glassware and vases which are in shades of teal, amber and brown.  For the plating, I pulled out my favorite little gourd shaped white ceramic soup bowls and some simple gray saucers to place them on.  Other items I owned that were ready to use as is included the tablecloth, small ceramic pumpkins, liquor decanters, hinge-top bottles, clocks, wooden crate and the large ceramic soup bowl.

Then I spotted item #4 on the list, APPLES!  Can I just say I was thrilled to see apples on the list? An apple tree grows in my backyard and I have been harvesting it to my little hearts content lately. I’ve made cider, apple butter (from the cider pulp), apple pie cake filling and thumbprint shortbread cookies galore since those apples ripened!

At this point, I decided I would celebrate my apple harvest with some close friends.  The items I chose paired perfectly with a cocktail hour with seasonal soup. Daylight Savings Time ends on Nov. 2nd and what better way to spend that extra hour than sharing some cheers with good friends? 

Off to the thrift store I went to find the rest of my list! Here’s what I purchased for $22.02 (after tax):

Brown Fleece Scarf                 $1.50
Napkins (set of 4)                      $1.50
Yellow Lace Napkins                  98¢
Napkin Rings                            $3.99
Gold Rimmed Chargers                       $3.96
Wooden Leaf-shaped Sign      $2.99
Wooden Frame                                    $3.99
Spoons                                                $1.96

You might wonder how I got such low prices, simple…I went on 50% off day that they have every-other Saturday.  I chose the scarf to be my table runner to add a bit of coziness to the table and give a nod to the fall weather that’ll be rolling in. It was instant love with the gold rimmed chargers that have odd shaped edges and vein like texture that reminds me of that earthy feel that fall has.

Earlier, while going through my stash of décor items I set aside some items to repurpose or simply spray paint if need since I have TONS of spray cans that only had a tad bit left in them.  I should mention I am a spray paint crafting addict! Really, they need to start an AA program before I spray paint everything I own….think I’m kidding?  Just check out my Sundae Crafternoon party and the industrial kitchen wall art I created by spray painting kitchen gadgets.

With the tight budget I knew I would have to scavenge the yard for my floral.  I decided to keep the spray painting theme going by cutting some tall grass which reminds me of wheat stalks and painting it various colors.  This actually worked incredibly well in my favor to keep the grass from shedding since the paint glues it all in place.

Other items that got a colorful coat were:

Bottle caps – used to make Wine Glass Markers (attached with floral wire)
Grass centerpiece & tumbleweed
Wooden Leaf-shaped sign – also got the saying “Fall back into your seat” hand painted on
Floral - picked flowers from garden & arranged in soup bowl 
Spoons, salt & pepper shaker, candle holders & invite easel

DIY projects also included were:

Floral - picked flowers from garden & arranged in the large soup bowl 
Seat Back Décor – cut up some fabric & ribbon left from old projects and garnished with a bit of painted tumbleweed pieces
Invites & Paper Table signs – A must! I had no wagon or wheat stalk to speak of, so I designed some signs and an invite in a combination of Word (used to draw the wagon) & (used for their cute free fonts)

Are you going to try a similar party? Download free images of my invite & signs below to add to your cocktail hour! ~ Renee

Check back here on Friday for all of the sweet details on the dessert table Renee created! 

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